Rosary Cathedral Catholic School:

How to Apply

Admissions Policy

​Rosary Cathedral Catholic School is a private, Catholic school.  Though we welcome applications from all, not all students who apply are accepted.  We want the absolute best for your child and, therefore, place this ideal at the forefront of our decision making process.

Tuition for the 2019-20 school year is $4,650.  Nearly 100% of our students receive financial assistance to help pay for the cost of their education. In many cases, the assistance pays the full cost.  To determine your eligibility, please contact our office at 419-243-4396.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

 Our school recognizes the economic challenges faced by families in the central part of Toledo.  Therefore, a comprehensive scholarship program has been established to supplement need.

School Choice Ohio

The Ohio Educational Choice Scholarship program (EdChoice) provides scholarships from persistently under-performing public schools and those who qualify based on income.  This renewable scholarship, sometimes called a voucher, must be used to attend a participating, chartered, nonpublic school.  Rosary Cathedral Catholic School participates in the EdChoice Scholarship program.  To learn more about School Choice Ohio and the EdChoice Program click here.